aaron brown
I founded Aaron B. Productions in 2012.  Obtaining my first camera at ten years old I grew up with a huge love photographing anything anywhere I went. Overtime I developed an eye to create so naturally to bring anyones vision to a reality with a lot of camera magic and knowledge.  Creatively capturing and editing skits for myself I began to branch out into friends and family that I seen needing services such as music videos. That led to a venture to film parties and events allowing me to further my capabilities to shoot multiple scenarios in different surroundings. 
I am originally from Oakland, CA. I've also live in Florida, Virginia and Texas and my main love is being outdoors in nature. Music and I have a huge understanding and love for each other. Audio will be engineered in a way that fits your video to amazement and leave us with a long term relationship. I deliver high quality work at a very inexpensive price. 
I am conveniently located near the Bay Area, Sacramento and Central Valley. I enjoy traveling and I'm open to covering outside locations.
Thank you!